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Charentais melons

Dominican Republic

Charentais melons Dominican Republic


The melon is probably native to Africa, even though some researchers think that it is native to Asia.
This fruit began to be exported in the Mediterranean basin by the Egyptian, starting from the V century b. C. and arrived in Italy in the Christian period of the I century, as mentioned in the book “Naturalis Historia” written by Pline the Old

The melon spread quickly and became particularly appreciated in the Roman Empire, even though, in the past it was consumed as a vegetable and not as a fruit , as we do today (for example with pepper and salt and eaten in salads).

In the past the melon was considered a symbol of fertility, probably because of the great quantity of seeds that it contains. Furthermore it is curious that is was linked to the concept of foolish (in Italian a foolish person was called “mellone” and foolishness “mellonaggine”): according to the Italian linguist, writer and orientalist Angelo de Gubernatis, these beliefs were due to the great fertility and the uncontrolled production of this plant, that in the past was considered opposed to smartness.

Sensorial attributes

The Charentais melons is very tasty and sweet with a brix of near 14

Quality label

Melons are cultivated in Dominican Republic by the best expert team. The production is certified GlobalGap
We currently supply sizes from 800g up to 1200g per piece.