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Peeled garlic

The Spanish expertise

Peeled garlic The Spanish expertise


In Spain, as had previously been in Greece, garlic began to be consumed with a double measure of popularity: a good seasoning to spice flavors in foods and a bad companion in the breath of the Knights. Three centuries later, Miguel de Cervantes reflect this fact in advising Don Quixote squire Sancho 'Do not eat garlic and onions because they do not take out the smell of your villainy. "
During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries garlic came back as first order condiment in Italy, Spain and France (currently Spain is the first European producer and fourth worldwide).

Sensorial attributes

The color of the lining around the garlic makes the difference in the market to distinguish three types.

White or common garlic. It is the most consumed garlic in Spanish homes and is ideal for many recipes for its intense flavor and persistent aroma. Its outside color is white, and the teeth are distributed in isolation. It can be kept without a refrigerator for a long period of time. It is larger than other types, and may reach diameters of 10-12 cm.
Purple or pink garlic. Its size is smaller, outside color has a wide range of purple-pink. Its shelf life is greater than white Garlic
The last one is the purple.

The taste is so strong that you may use only a fraction of what you normaly use from other origins.

Quality label

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