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Sundried tomatoes


Sundried tomatoes Turkey


Originally, sundried tomatoes are a specialty from the south of Italy and more precisely from Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.
During summer, when the sun is at its warmest, fresh tomatoes used to be dried to reduce their water content and weight from 88% for small cherry tomatoes, to 93% for normal sized tomatoes. The drying process keeps all of tomatoes nutritional values while offering a more unconventional way to eat them.

The product in Art & Culture

As Italy expanded its production, it needed the support of other Mediterranean countries to produce the tomatoes as well as mixing them with other condiments.

Turkey was a perfect location to dry these tomatoes. Once they are cultivated, tomatoes can be sliced in various ways before being dried. In halves, quarters, slices… Once dried to 18% or 30% of humidity, they can be prepared and conserved in oil or mixed with other condiments before selling.
This way, natural dried tomatoes offer a wide variety of natural flavours.

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Dried tomatoes are ideal for a large variety of dishes
As an appetizer just with some oil
In a salad with condiments
In pasta
Sliced in a soup
Numerous recipes can be found, but we strongly recommend just tasting one lightly dipped in olive oil.