We are your global partner to genuine european products of traditional agriculture

Our commitment

Thanks to our global coverage and European origins, we can guarantee to both our clients and producers a reliable and competitive commitment in terms of knowledge and capacity.

The knowledge of the European traditional agricultures

Enabling us to customize production in hand with local farmers to offer any kind of genuine vegetable at any range of price level.

As we have fostered years-long trusting relationships with local farmers, taking the time to understand them and to work with them hand-in-hand.

As we are a French rooted company with a regional presence and an innate understanding of European farming cultures.

The capacity of a global company

To guarantee a one-stop service range from production customization to front door delivery, taking care of international legal requirements and specifications.

To provide all customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of traditional agricultural products (from entry level price goods, to more gourmet ones) thanks to our network of regional contacts.

To guarantee end consumers safety, offering certified products (products that benefit from the Global GAP, BRC, IFS or HACCP).